Laminated Film (Roll form)

We have PET Laminates, BOPP Laminates, Nylon Laminates, Matte Laminates, which are safe to use on all general packaging applications. Laminated Film in roll form is extensively use in automated packaging industries, such as products in F&B and commodities.

Shrink Sleeve/Labels

Shrink PET/PVC which combines high density and strength, is the best scuff resistance shrink film with heat resistance options. It has high gloss percentage and offering the best shrinkage performance. We can find shrink sleeves and labels over products like yogurt cup label, soft drink bottle label, detergent and dish soup cup label, prune cup label.

Top Seal/Cup Lid

Top Seal film or lidding film, serves as the top sealer for cold storage product such as pudding jelly, frozen food, processed food. 

Twist Wrapper

Twist wrap packaging is ideal for individually wrapped such as candy, sugar, sweets, chocolate and confectionery.

3 Side Seal Bag/Pouch

3 side seal bag meaning a pouch which comes with three sides sealed and left with one side open.

It is less box-shaped, which means it usually takes up less space on the shelf. It is popular for vacuum pack too.

4 Side Seal Gusset Bag/Pouch

4 side seal gusseted pouch is popular in F&B products such as the outer pouches of coffee packaging. It is a recommended packaging option for brands that need more spaces to display their product unique features and information.

Center Seal Bag/Pouch

Center Seal pouch also known as T seal bag, has been extensively used in commodities and processed food industries such as refined sugars and salt wrapper, sauces & condiments wrapper, noodles and pasta wrapper, powder and oats.

Stand Up Pouch (Zipper)

Stand Up Bag/Pouch are one of the most hardy and designed to create standing packaging options. SUPs usually comes with a bottom gusset in U shape, and they are perfect for reseable products or items that may be used intermittently.

You may choose to go with resealable zipper over the top pouch, or go without.

Our customized Food Solutions cover categories such as: