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Flexible Packaging

At Chuan Hin Packaging, we manufacture flexible packaging materials in roll forms, pre-made bag pouches, labels, and shrink sleeves, for food, essential goods, & FMCG products. We convert primary resin materials into flexible packaging that is widely used in the market today.

The Advent Of Technology

With the application of automated and digitalized technology from gravure printing to solvent-less lamination, we are cognizant of our customers’ high standards of food safety and film performance to preserve the highest quality and freshness of their products.

Our Capabilities

“Plastics wrappers played an integral role in smart packaging solutions that help humans do more with less since decades ago”

We are inspired; now, it is time for us to help you transform your flexible packaging needs into reality.

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Our Mission

To meet and achieve customer’s dynamic packaging needs by providing innovative, productive, cost-effective, optimized and eco-friendly packaging solutions, continually adding value to their business.

We want to constantly satisfying our customers by:
  • Delivering with commitments
  • Ensuring quality standards consistency
  • Building business partnerships that last

Our Services

We provide flexible plastic packaging wrappers for food and beverages industries such as coffee and tea, snacks and chips, cookies and crackers, ice cream and rice cereals, instant noodles and bakeries, candies and milk dairies, processed foods and nuts, cooking ingredients and condiments, chilled and frozen products.

We are one of the best Food, Bags, Film, Printed Laminates, Packaging Company, food packaging manufacturer & food packaging film providers in Malaysia.

It also been widely used on health and beauty, pharma care and pets industries such as baby wipes, condom, pets food, and detergents. These laminated films come with printed or simply in plain form. Such films can be made of various structures with barrier properties such as Aluminium foil or Metallised film, which are essential to minimise permeability of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, therefore providing a much longer shelf life packaging option.

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Laminated Film (Roll form)
Shrink Sleeve Label
Shrink Sleeve/Labels
Top Seal cup lid
Top Seal/Cup Lid
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Zip Top Stand Up Pouch
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3 Side Seal Bag/Pouch
4 Side Seal Pouch
4 Side Seal Gusset Bag
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Chuan Hin Packaging Industries Sdn. Bhd. serves local and oversea clients for more than 30 years of experience and constantly strive to accomplish and meet every clients compliance standards.

Sales Office: No. 18, Jalan Pemberita U1/49, Temasya Industrial Park, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.
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